Wednesday, September 3, 2014


3 September 2014: this is the second time I am writing this as for some unknown reason, the first one disappeared right after I “pulled the trigger” to post it! Maybe an editorial comment from the gnomes in “blog-land!” Anyway, I am going to have another go at it and the gnomes be damned!

You might have noticed the top of the opening page has been “souped up” some to make a more visually appealing home page. This is thanks to a great graphic designer, GINA, of Palazzo Graphic Design Studio combining her talents with my great web master (who runs my web page for me – more on that in a moment!) BEN DAY, Web Cobbler. They used the same font as my webpage to tie them together and, while there is no link from here to the webpage, there is one from there to here.The pretty header also offers the definition of maunder, which only appears in the first post, and, since it is not a real commonly used word, might confuse some readers! (I have been asked if it is not a typo and should be “wander” or “meander.” Nope, it’s maunder.)

If you saw the new header on the home page, you might also have seen the little box on the right top giving what you can expect in the blog and an easy link to some previous articles I have posted, listed by month. You can get there through the blog operator, but this is way easier! Now the webpage:

The webpage, if you’re interested, is, and deals with my books, speaking engagements, and some of my recent tweets – @1812war. There is a page listing my books and links through which one might actually purchase one or more! By the way, the title shown a couple of lines before is NOT a link – I don’t know how to do that – so you’ll either have to copy and paste it or remember it long enough to type it into your browser!

So that is all the news for today. It’s a lovely day here and I think I will sign off and go play with my boat!

“Consider, O Lord, how You sit atop the sky; like a man in a glass bottom boat.”       
Cecilia Llompart, “The Wingless

Fair Winds,

Old Salt

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