Friday, December 19, 2014


19 December 2014: Several posts back, I mentioned that the Plimouth Plantation ship, Mayflower II was in need of a refit of substantial proportions. To accomplish that, the powers that be at Plimouth Plantation had determined that Mystic Seaport - specifically, the Dupont Shipyard there, should be the proper choice to effect this work. The ship was towed to Mystic from Plymouth MA this past weekend and work has begun already!

Mayflower II in better days
She arrived Sunday afternoon with a small crowd of spectators on hand to witness the event. Reversing the course the Charles W. Morgan took when she left on her "38th Voyage", Mayflower II entered the Mystic River under tow and came slowly through the drawbridge, well known to any who have entered the Seaport by boat.

People typically stand on either side of the open draw to watch as vessels large and small arrive. The bridge has to open for almost everything transiting the  river except for small boats without masts!

She came gently to the dock at the Dupont Shipyard while Seaport employees and visitors stood by.

A comprehensive survey commenced the following day to determine the level of work necessary before the 400th Anniversary of the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth in 2020.

She will, however, return to her dock at Plimouth Plantation in May of 2015 so she is on hand for the summer season. Whether she will sail then or not is as yet undetermined. But she will be back at Mystic next winter for phase 2.

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                                 Old Salt

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