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23 December 2014: Sorry for the delay in posting - chalk it up to the time of year and the fact that I have been up to my ears in  . . . well, stuff. 
Some of you may recall that a few weeks ago I posted two articles regarding the banning of liquor in the American Navy and the Royal (British) Navy. I think they might have been captioned "Splicing the main brace." Now, I read that the Canadian Navy has joined the party - or rather, the NON-party!

Canadian ships Whitehorse and Nanaimo, in San Diego on Canada Day, 2014

Here are the details, sad though they might be: On 12 December 2014, the Royal Canadian Navy imposed an almost total ban on sailors drinking at sea. This change came about after a Canadian warship had to be recalled from an international exercise when some drunken crew members got into some trouble (specific "trouble" not described.) The sailors had heretofore been allowed to drink when off duty on ships at sea and, to aid that habit, beer vending machines were on their ships. Well, shipmates, they're gone now! And the sailors will be allowed only to have a tot on special occasions, like Christmas,  and only with the specific permission of the commanding officer. Good news: Christmas is right around the corner!

Further exacerbating the situation, it seems that some sailors from HMCS Whitehorse (shown above), got into a spot of difficulty while ashore in San Diego (what sailors have not, at one time or another, gotten themselves into a bit of trouble ashore, generally instigated by that ol' devil rum!) and were accused of sexual misconduct (I suppose better ashore than at sea!) and shop lifting while visiting the city. So, from the inappropriate actions of a few, a new policy goes into effect for everyone!

The Canadian Navy joins the ranks of England, Australia, and New Zealand all of which have similar rules. But they refrained from taking it all the way to the draconian rules imposed on the US Navy by Secretary Of the Navy, Josephus Daniels, i.e. DRY - Across the board.

Now: an observation on my part: The news piece mentioned only SAILORS; said nothing about officers. Hmm. I can recall some very enjoyable evenings visiting the wardrooms of several Canadian and English ships in the old days.... maybe that will continue! 

OK, my friends and loyal readers, that will be it for a few days. Christmas and all! And, like the sailors of the Royal Canadian Navy, I might be allowed a wee dram to mark the occasion! I wish you all a most joyous Christmas, filled with calm seas, good friends and family, and 

                                    Fair Winds, 
                                         Old Salt

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