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6 December 2104: Since many of the readers of Maritime Maunder know I write books - yep, sea stories - and they also know that most of the titles are being released as 2nd editions since the 1st editions have gone of print now, they suggested I offer a few sets of the remaining 1st editions for sale through the blog. Now, I said at the outset that I would not make this a crass,  commercial, money-grubbing blogsite, but this seemed to be a good opportunity to let people know what's going on with the other part of my professional life and offer an opportunity to a few of my readers.

So, here's the deal: first, have a look at the book page of my website,, click on "books and reviews" at the top of the home page and look at the titles, the plot synopsis of each and the reviews (if you care). Then, instead of clicking on the Amazon link from that page, simply email me at and let me know your choices. 
Since 1st editions are always a more desirable volume than subsequent ones, you should not hesitate if you want these for a Christmas gift (for someone else or yourself!) as they will likely go fast and I don't have that many copies of each title. But here's what I have and the discounted prices:

War of 1812 Trilogy: 
A Press of Canvas - 6 paperback available @ $9.99 ea   
A Fine Tops'l Breeze  -  3 paperback available @ $9.99 ea
 The Evening Gun - out of stock - sorry!

Oliver Baldwin Series:
The Greater the Honor:  1 hardcover @ $18.95 ea,  2 paperback @$12.99 ea
In Pursuit of Glory - 5 paperback available @  $12.99 ea

Edward Ballantyne Series: 
When Fortune Frowns: 3 hardcover @ $18.95 ea,  3 paperback 2 @ $12.99 ea
Gun Bay: 10 paperback available @ $9.99 ea

Note that the first 2 covers shown above are the new 2nd edition covers, but fear not, if you order the 1st edition, you will get that edition. (If you want to order the 2nd ed, just click on the Amazon link  at the book listing on the webpage.) Also, since GUN BAY just came out a bit over a year ago, it will be a while before it is in 2nd edition!

We'll figure out how to send payment when you place an order - but it will be a check in the mail, as I don't/can't take credit cards.

Hope to hear from you!

                                  Fair winds,
                                     Old Salt

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