Wednesday, December 18, 2019


18 December 2019: Well, Christmas is almost upon us -one week from today in fact - and close behind it is the welcoming of a new year.
 This post we traditionally put up just before Christmas - it's a happy musical video - and then right at Christmas, we offer one of my favorite poems - and one than often causes one's vision to get a trifle blurry while reading it. Watch for it over the weekend.
And, on a different note, last week we mentioned we were some 700 readers away from our year end goal of 100,000 readers. We, now we are merely 150 away. Tell your friends and be sure to have a look next week, just before Christmas.

Here's the music video, courtesy of the Navy Band.  

 Navy Band - Dueling Jingle Bells

Until next time, 

                          Fair Winds,
                                  Old Salt


  1. I really enjoyed this, Bill. I shared your blog link with a diverse set of cranks from all over the world. With any luck, they'll become regular readers and never ever contact you. Trust me!

  2. Thanks for that! Appreciate the help - FYI we have broken the 100K reader barrier - and even before Christmas! Astonished and humbled! Who are you, if I may enquire?

  3. Tony Lovell, fellow Life Trustee. Glad I could help. The Navy Band made it easy to pitch to my friends.