Sunday, October 24, 2021


24 October 2021: Generally, at least once per summer, we see some inexperienced mariner get caught in a current near a bridge, or misjudging the opening of a draw in a sailboat. The results can be anywhere from embarrassing to disastrous with masts down and hull damage. Sometimes the event results in a bit of scratched fiberglass/paint and possibly a strained muscle for the crew. But always embarrassment! It is indeed rare to see a professionally crewed vessel get caught in the same circumstances. And almost never one this size!

This is Cisne Branco (White Swan) Brazil's tall ship and Navy trainer.

 Here is the first link: 
 Cisne Branco - Extremis

Rescue attempt!

2nd link: click here:
Now the tug is in trouble:

We are unaware of any loss of life, but  there certainly could have been on the tug.


Sometimes, even the pros have problems! 

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