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16 August 2020: While is it is a few days premature, we are celebrating the 6th anniversary of Maritime Maunder with a reprint of our very first issue in August of 2014! Other items of interest follow.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Welcome to Maritime Maunder

Welcome to

Here we will be putting up articles, historical and current, of interest to the maritime world, as well as of general historical significance to anyone. But first, let’s have an English lesson!

From the Oxford English Dictionary: MARITIME: Adj. 1. living or found near the sea. 2. Of a fighting force: intended for service at sea. 3. Connected with the sea in relation to navigation, commerce, etc. 4. Of, pertaining to, arising from, or existing in the sea.

MAUNDER: v. 1. grumble, mutter, growl. 2.Move or act in a dreamy, idle, or inconsequential manner, dawdle. Fritter away (one’s time, life. etc.) 3. Say something in a dreamy and rambling manner.

OK? got the idea? Now you should have some inkling of where this blog is going. Mostly inconsequential but, hopefully, often of interest to those of us who have an fondness for the sea, things nautical, old stuff, and historical happenings. I might also recommend books to read and enjoy. That’s for now. I reserve the right to add, delete, multiply, divide, bend, staple, fold, spindle, or otherwise mutilate anything contained herein!
I hope you will check in from time to time and see what pithy (no, I don’t have a lisp!) remarks I might add – always with a focus on things maritime.

                                         Fair Winds!              
                                           Old Salt
Probably not as interesting as some of the more recent issues, but this is where we began with no idea of how long this would carry on nor how many readers would actually log into the site and follow us.One might say this laid out the plan and yes, we have deviated some, but from the feedback we have received, most of our 112,000 readers like it. Today's post, by the way, is the 396th issue of Maritime Maunder! 

This week is also the 208th anniversary of USS Constitution's epic battle and victory over HMS Guerrière during the early days of the War of 1812 in which she earned the nickname Old Ironsides when the British cannon balls bounced off her sides. The ship, of course, floats in Boston Harbor at the historic Charlestown Navy Yard and has recently re-opened to visitors following closure for the Covid 19 pandemic. (The USS Constitution Museum is also open again - and well worth a visit.)

So, as we begin our 7th year, we wish all our readers good health, safe travels (if indeed any are traveling!) and the hope each can find their own happiness during these unusual times! 

Until next time, 
                                    Fair winds,
                                           Old Salt

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