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23 February 2018: Having been at sea (in a much smaller destroyer) along side these big guys, I for one would have been surprised to learn how maneuverable an aircraft carrier really is. Generally speaking, they don't maneuver like this in the ordinary course of business, but it's nice to know (especially for those aboard!) that they can! Check out the video. Article from British Daily Mail.

Watch this 100,000 tonne aircraft carrier making sharp high-speed turns in the Atlantic Ocean
For a moment, it appeared the USS Abraham Lincoln would flip sideways but it nailed the manoeuvre perfectly.
Aircraft carriers are known for their massive profile targeted at arming, deploying and recovering fighter jets. The humongous seagoing airbases can be really useful in war zones, but the special capability of these carriers – their agility – is something we all need to see.
A video, shared by Warleaks on 12 January 2017, shows US Navy's fifth Nimitz-class aircraft supercarrier the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), taking sharp turns in the Atlantic Ocean. The carrier, which weighs around 100,000 tonnes and can carry around 70 jets on board at a time, creates a snake-like curved pattern – all while moving at a horrifically high-speed.

The 1,000ft long aircraft carrier can be seen twisting, drifting, and turning. For a brief moment, it appears that the whole thing will flip into the water, but USS Abraham Lincoln nailed the manoeuvre perfectly. Click on the link below: 
USS Abraham Lincoln

As Daily Mail reports, the capability allows the carrier to avoid unforeseeable collisions and enemy torpedoes. So far, the amazing video, originally captured by US Navy officers Mark Logico and Kristopher Ruiz, has got over 250,000 views on YouTube.

Wow! Very impressive! 

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