Monday, November 21, 2016


21 November 2016: The controversial group, Sea Shepherd Conservation,  which has made a career out of fighting the Japanese whaling industry has just built a new custom vessel to pursue their mission.... here's a look.

 In January 2015, the controversial whale warriors Sea Shepherd Conservation Society won 8.3 million euro from the Postcode Lotteries in the Netherlands and UK to put towards the construction of a new custom-built patrol ship to battle Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean.
To build their dream ship, Sea Shepherd turned to Dutch shipbuilder Damen Group for a modified version of the Fast Crew Supplier. Just 18 months later, Sea Shepherd commissioned the Ocean Warrior, the fastest, most high-tech, efficient and capable vessel to ever join the fleet. 
In September, the Ocean Warrior, rumored to cost $12 million, departed Antalya, Turkey on its maiden voyage to Australia, via Amsterdam and Italy, to participate in Sea Shepherds 11th Antarctic whale defense campaign in the South Ocean beginning this December. 

If you would like to learn more about this ship, here a video of her getting underway and heading to their hunting grounds in the Southern Ocean.

(click here)Ocean Warrior's Maiden Voyage

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