Friday, February 12, 2016


12 February 2016: Well, finally there's a bit of noise from "official" circles regarding the illegal seizure of two U.S. Navy Riverine Patrol Craft which [ostensibly] drifted into Iranian waters in January. You may recall that we posted about that incident a couple of posts back. This image should look a bit familiar...

So, what's new? It seems that Iran has been posting pictures of the U.S. sailors kneeling on their boats as prisoners and then later, an image of one of the sailors crying while in custody.... So, while no one in officialdom got too exercised about the capture and fed us a total BS story, now a senior (kind of) officer in the Navy has spoken out about Iran's propagandizing the pictures of the incident.

CDR Kevin Stephens, spokesperson for the Naval Forces Central Command, was quoted in the Navy Times as saying, "We are disgusted by the exploitation of our sailors in Iranian propaganda." He went on to say, "The detention of our personnel was outrageous and unacceptable." WOW! Strong words (not so much!) Where was the outrage when the boats were illegally taken, and the sailors held captive? Is it only that the Iranians, who are clearly NOT our friends in any way shape or form, used the humiliation of the Navy as a poke in the eye to the US that triggers [kind of] strong response from the U.S.? And to date, nothing, zippo, squat from the good folks in Washington. Hmmm. CDR Stephens had better watch his back; senior officers have been fired for saying less in this very strange and hostile (to our forces) climate created by the current administration!

One can not help but wonder if we'll ever learn what actually happened. I would bet the sailors who were involved have already been silenced with threats of serious consequences should they talk!

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