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26 January 2016: Astute readers of this blog might recall we posted a couple of pieces on the Costa Concordia - during the largest salvage operation in maritime history. Well, thanks to a German photographer with a great deal of verve, we now can show you some images of what that ill-starred ship looks like today....

To refresh your memories:

On Jan 13, 2012, the Costa Concordia struck a submerged rock on its way around the Mediterranean Sea and sank near the island of Giglio. The tragedy claimed the lives of 32 people. Captain Francesco Schettino, who left the ship while it sank, was later found guilty of 32 counts of manslaughter and sentenced to 16 years in prison.

The Costa Concordia wreck was towed to its final resting place in the Italian port of Genoa in July 2014, where it will eventually be dismantled.

Four years after the cruise ship capsized off the Italian coast, stunning images taken by photographer Jonathan Danko Kielkowski give a rare look inside the wreckage. 

Photographer Kielkowski, who's based in Germany, swam out to the wreckage  to document the scenes of the abandoned ship's once-buzzing rooms. The images are featured in his new book "Concordia," published by White Press.

"The wrecked Cruise Ship is visible and attracts me like a magnet, so I finally venture to swim across," Kielkowski writes in his book. "Against all odds, I find the shipwreck freely accessible — neither fences nor security personnel! Rather, the doors are open, lights are turned on, no man can be seen—nothing in the way to document…"

I don't think my words will add anything further here, so we'll just look at Mr. Kielkowski's wonderful images.


Amazing pictures and a little sad as well - to see this grand cruise ship as it is now....
With thanks to Huffington Post for the information and to Mr. Kielkowski for having the courage to get these fine images.
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