Friday, July 3, 2015


3 July 2015: Well, here it is: another Independence Day
in the USA) - July 4th in the rest of the world! To my American readers, happy Independence Day. Show your flag and be proud of our country! It's not just beer, hotdogs, and beach!

USS Constitution, July 4th 2012

 The Color Guard aboard USS Wasp
Now for some really BIG NEWS:
My new book, IN HOSTILE WATERS, The Cruise of USS Argus, has been released in Digital format through Amazon, brought out by Sea Fiction Press. For those of you who do not chose to read on a KINDLE, fear not, the book will be available in physical, paper format in about two weeks. I will let you know when that happens right here in Maritime Maunder. The story is a good one, and I hope will entertain and educate my readers. This true story takes place in 1813, when the  United States Brig of War, Argus, commanded by W. Henry Allen, was tasked with carrying the U.S. Minister to France. Following the safe delivery of the minister, Argus was ordered to sail into British waters and become a commerce raider for as long as possible. Obviously, an open ended commission and one inherently perilous. Oliver Baldwin (The Greater the Honor, In Pursuit of Glory) sails as 1st Lieutenant. Edward Ballantyne (When Fortune Frowns, Gun Bay) commands the British ship sent to stop them.
A pre-release reader commented:
"White's well-known style of intermingling real historical characters with a few fictitious ones makes for a riveting read and, at the same time, enables the reader to learn a bit about one of the most heroic and little-known naval events of the War of 1812."

The link to amazon is:

Kindle edition IN HOSTILE WATERS

I will now leave you to your celebration of Independence Day and reading some American history!

Until next time,
                                    Fair Winds,
                                           Old Salt

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