Saturday, July 11, 2015


11 JULY 2015: If you are at all like me, you most likely enjoy really good fireworks displays. Now, I am not talking about the grand show at over the Hudson and East Rivers in New York City for the celebration of America's Independence Day. That's spectacular to be sure, but I am talking here about fireworks like you've probably never seen before!  And since the celebration of America's Independence Day is only a short few days old, I thought this might be appropriate.

The link here will take you to a 2 minute show of Chinese fireworks which I think is probably the most amazing display I have ever seen. And yes, credit where credit is due: the Chinese invented the whole fireworks concept and has been at a bit longer than we in America have been. So without further ado, here is the chance to see colors you've never seen in fireworks before, shapes you've likely never seen, and a preponderance of pyrotechnics worthy of the finale of any U.S. display.

click here:         Chinese fireworks show

By the way, this is best watched on full screen with sound!

Enjoy and, until next time,

                            Fair Winds,
                                        Old Salt

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