Tuesday, June 30, 2015


30 June 2015: Let me apologize for the gap in posting - I was out in the American West - Montana, specifically, on a family matter. As a point of some interest, that is really spectacular country out there and Yellowstone National Park is beyond words. Perhaps I will bend the maritime framework later this week and put up a few pictures of that part of the world. I think you might enjoy seeing some of them. But for today, we're maritime all the way. 
Sadly, I missed (I was in Montana, remember?) the first real Tall Ships convocation which was this past weekend in Philadelphia PA and Camden NJ on the Delaware River. In spite of some really awful weather, the attendance was great, the ships were open for visiting and the people came out to see the spectacular. The only change necessitated by the unseemly weather was in the fireworks show which had to be moved to Sunday night, before the ships set sail (on Monday). Some were headed for New York City while others made their way directly to Greenport L.I. (next stop after NY for them all.) 

 In attendance were:

U.S. Coast Guard Barque EAGLE

Sagres (sistership to Eagle, owned by Portugal)

A.J. Meerwald (NJ state ship)
Pride of Baltimore II


Hindu (private Charter vessel - Key West)
Privateer Lynx

Gazela - Philadelphia's Tall Ship

         And of course, as mentioned before on these pages, the ever popular ... drum roll please ...
Rubber Ducky

Yep, our old friend, Rubber Ducky - and his Ma was there too, but had a little leaking problem!

     Those able, (but not Ducky!) when they left the Delaware River Monday AM, planned to race to the next port, be it New York City or Greenport LI. The NYC bound ships will be in New York 1 July - 4 July. Go and see them. They are worth your time!

Until next time, friends,

                                  Fair Winds,
                                    Old Salt

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