Tuesday, June 9, 2015


9 June 2015: Last week, I had the opportunity to spend some time in Boston - Charlestown Navy Yard, specifically - and not only saw the U.S. Ship of State in Dry Dock #1 at the Navy Yard, but was allowed to go down to the floor of the dock and see the ship from underneath. It's not an opportunity that comes along very often and I thought my readers might enjoy a few images of Old Ironsides from an unusual angle.

First off, here is how she looks in the dock from street level:

And now - drum roll please - from

Note that her copper clad bottom
is still, after only a power washing, in pretty good shape after 20 years!

During the next three years, Constitution will get new sheets of copper put on her hull after the old is stripped off.


That will do it for this one, friends. I hope you enjoyed seeing my favorite ship from a different perspective!
Until next time, then,
                                 Fair Winds,
                                      Old Salt

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