Thursday, May 21, 2015


21 May 2015: The top story today has to be USS Constitution. As advertised, she entered Dry Dock #1 at Charlestown Navy Yard Monday night, crossing the sill at about 2230. While I was not there in person, I was able to watch the event on the webcam set up by USS Constitution Museum.

 Before and after - She'll be in the dock for 3 years. Plenty of time to visit - and the ship WILL be open for visiting starting in June.

Another update: Back in December of 2014, we told you that the Mayflower of Plymouth Colony fame had been taken to Mystic Seaport where their ship restoration people would begin a several year process of survey and overhaul. The plan was she would be taken back to Plymouth each Spring to be on display at Plymouth, but the work would proceed during the Winter months back at Mystic. Well, she left this week to go back up to Plymouth and arrived safely.
These pictures show her entering Mystic and then leaving for the return.

 Above, last winter as Mayflower was towed through the railroad bridge into Mystic Harbor.
Right, she is towed back out, en route to Plymouth. 

She'll be back after Thanksgiving to continue her restoration.

And now, the most exciting news (to me). I have the cover art and layout for my new book, IN HOSTILE WATERS, expected to be released in July. I will, of course, let you all know when it is available through the usual sources. We will be bringing it out in both an electronic version (Kindle) and in paper. Here's the cover:

So, I will leave you today with that spectacular bit of artwork (Painting by internationally known marine artist, Paul Garnett). 
And, until next time, I wish you all
                                   Fair Winds,
                                      Old Salt

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