Friday, May 29, 2015


29 May 2015: About 10 days ago, America's Ship of State, USS Constitution entered the dry dock at Charlestown Naval Shipyard for a 3 year overhaul and rehabilitation. I posted a couple of before and after pictures but could not lay my hands on a time lapse of the whole event.  

Finally, courtesy of USS Constitution Museum, located in the Navy Yard, I have got it! It is short, but quite educational. You can see the dock filling, the ship moving in (really fast!) and the dock pumping down as the ship settles on her keel blocks. Enjoy. Here's the link to the U-Tube video:

USS Constitution enters Drydock

As a matter of interest, the ship will be open to visitors starting next week and should you find yourself in the Boston area, I would strongly suggest a visit to not only the ship, but the extraordinary USS CONSTITUTION MUSEUM, the "voice of the Ship" as well. Both are well worth your time!

We'll put up more about this as the overhaul progresses.  

In the meantime, I wish you all
                                        Fair Winds, 
                                              Old Salt

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