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17 May 2015:  Before we cast off on this little trip of updates on some previous posts, let me apologize for the lapse in posting over the past week. The reason is simple and, probably to many of you, understandable: I was getting my own boat put together for the season. Took me away from the computer and focused my limited attention on The Last Word ... (my tugboat). So that said, here I am with some updates for you and a neat website you'll want to put in your "favorites" file for future looks.
First off: Hermione. 
 She is still at sea and apparently doing very nicely. The crew of professionals and volunteers are pleased with the way she sails and her obvious sea-worthiness. The word is she is still on schedule, planning to be in Yorktown VA in early June. Here is the schedule I posted a month ago when she left France:
 5-7 June, Yorktown, VA
9 June, Mt. Vernon, VA
10-12 June, Alexandria, VA
16-17 June, Annapolis MD
19-21 June, Baltimore, MD
25-28 June, Philadelphia, PA
1-4 July, New York NY
6-7 July, Greenport, NY
8-9 July, Newport RI      

10-12 July, Boston, MA
14-15 July, Castine, ME
18 July, Lunenburg, NS

In the event you find yourself near any one of these places during the summer, I would recommend a visit; you won't be disappointed!

Next: the VOLVO Race:
The boats did an "inshore" race yesterday as a "sight-seer" spectacle, and from the pictures I have seen, I guess it was, and nicely won by the "American" boat (American skipper, Turkish (among others) crew. Abu Dhabi is still in the lead on the off-soundings legs. The 7th leg, Newport to Lisbon, started today, Sunday and is the shortest leg so far at 2,800 nautical miles. There continues to be lots of opportunity for excitement (the kind sailors don't really enjoy: broken rigs, sinkings, etc) and we'll keep you posted as possible.

Finally, USS Constitution: 
 I may have mentioned a while back that she was scheduled to go into drydock this spring for the overhaul she gets about every 20 years. The dry dock in Charlestown Navy Yard was blessed with a new caisson (that's the door that keeps the water out when the dock is pumped dry) in preparation for docking the U.S. Ship of State, Constitution. She has been down rigged and the dock flooded to receive her. She was moved (by tug - no, not My tug) to a dock just outside the drydock and will be eased in on the tide tomorrow (Monday 18 May) night. The plan is for her to cross the sill (the entrance to the dock) at about 2220. Now here's the really neat part: there is, courtesy of USS Constitution Museum, a camera set up next to the dock to record the event and the various stages of the overhaul. Here's an image, current, from it:
 You can see the dock is almost fully flooded, the caisson removed, and the ship in position for entry. Since this is the last time this will happen (At least in my lifetime) for at least 20 years, it is worth a peek. I am only sorry I can't get up to Boston to see it in person. But you can tune in to the website and watch it yourself if you've a mind to. I know I will be!
USS Consitution Museum restoration images

So check out this historic event, watch it live if you can, or stay tuned for a time lapse which  I will post here.

Until next time, I wish you all 
                                       Fair Winds
                                          Old Salt

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