Thursday, April 30, 2015


30 April 2015: In 2000, the late Steve Fossett set a record for the fastest passage in a sailing craft to from Newport Rhode Island to Bermuda. On April 20 of this year, that record fell when LENDING CLUB made the same run, clocking an average speed of 27 kts (about 32 MPH)! 

Now, in fairness, Lending Club is not your everyday sail boat - or even a participant in the bi-annual Newport Bermuda race; nope, not even a little bit. She is a 105' maxi-trimaran. Take a look:

Yep, 105' of speed, and on this run (I'll give you the link to the video in a second) she posted a top speed of over 40 kts!

Now I suppose you want to know what her time was. OK - here you are. Sit down before you read this. Oh wait - first a comparison. The usual time for the racers in the Newport Bermuda race is around four days - give or take 12 hours. Lending Club managed it in under 24 hours! Yep, 23H 9m 52sec! Now that's fast!

Here's a link to the video they made, courtesy of Lending Club and

Lending Club's Record run to Bermuda 

So there you have it friends, an amazing feat. Yep it's quicker to fly, but not nearly exciting!
                                       Fair Winds,
                                          Old Salt

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