Saturday, March 28, 2015


28 March 2015: Since we began this blog last August, I have watched the number of our viewers grow - and I want to thank all of you who have read, hopefully enjoyed, and taken the time to comment, either through the blog or by email, text, or twitter.

As of this morning, we passed 3200 readers! I am stunned! They come, in order of numbers of readers, from: United States, India, Ukraine, Cayman Islands, France, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Romania, and even, Australia! I have no idea how some of the folks in distant lands got wind of Maritime Maunder, but I am glad they did. And perhaps they will share the address with their friends of similar interests.

So again thank you all very much. It is encouraging and I will endeavor to continue putting up interesting and possibly even informative items. But they will continue to be in English - my command of the other languages leaves a great deal to be desired!

Following are  few of my favorite images from past postings for your viewing pleasure!

Charles W. Morgan summer of 2014

Billy, Navy Mascot

USS Constitution on her 200th birthday

To the right is the Revolutionary War monument to a party of British sailors who perished ashore in 1783. It stands on Sandy Hook NJ

So until I come up with something interesting, I again offer all of you my thanks for the success of Maritime Maunder, and wish you

                                Fair Winds.

                                     Old Salt

PS should any of you be moved to, you can follow me on twitter: @1812war

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