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4 March 2015: After yesterday's post on the frightening thought of falling overboard from a cruise ship and my comment that most of the cruise lines have been reluctant to spend the money for the available and mandated technology that would help mitigate the problem, I received several notes back asking about the technology. A "thank you" to reader Hank Gulick and a couple of others. So, without further ado, here is the answer.

The ship on the left, above, is a Carnival Cruise Line vessel. As noted in yesterday's post, Carnival does NOT have the man overboard (MOB) technology in their ships. In fairness, the law only requires that ships built after 2010 have it; earlier ships would have to retrofit the equipment. The ship on the right, above, is a Disney ship; they ALL have the MOB detection equipment. So what is it?
The equipment involves a series of sensors scattered about the ship as well as a wide-angle sensor on the bridge which can detect motion along the sides of the ship - either the motion of someone leaving...or someone coming aboard (unauthorized). My friends at gCaptain provided the following diagram:
Sensors would detect a body going over the side, and, while the sensors and display on the bridge (see below) could not prevent it, they would at least alert the watch on the bridge that there was a problem in time for them to do something about it. Additionally, CCTV cameras around the ship can "see" someone getting ready to jump, or being pushed, etc. Of course, in most cases, these would only be valuable in after the fact investigation.
There are several companies who manufacture this equipment, and the following is a clickable link to one of the websites called MOBtronic:
Obviously, I am not soliciting for them, just offering it as an informational service.
So, there you have it, friends. A final word of advice if you're planning a cruise:
"Don't go too close to the edge.!"
See you soon,
                                Fair Winds,
                                     Old Salt

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