Wednesday, June 3, 2020


3 June 2020: New news in the maritime world seems pretty sparse this week and so, with a view toward cheering up our readers during what could only be called unsettling times, we offer the follow rerun which is quite funny to anyone who has even even seen a ship, let alone sailed on one!

 sailing a tall ship

You can read the closed captions under the picture in case your laughter drowns out the young lady's brilliant discourse!

Sorry we don't have more.

Until next time, 
                       Fair Winds,
                                   Old Salt 

PS: Just remembered this: Two days ago was the anniversary of one of America's worst naval defeats during the War of 1812: US Frigate Chesapeake vs HMS Shannon off the coast of Boston (Cape Ann actually). June 1st 1813, Chesapeake, commanded by James Lawrence who had a somewhat inflated opinion of his abilities,  sailed out of Boston Harbor to meet and do battle with HMS Shannon, commanded by one of the Royal Navy's most experienced skippers. 15 minutes after the engagement began it was over, the American ship was captured, sailed to Halifax as a prize, and Lawrence, his first lieutenant and about half his crew were dead. 
Not a happy memory, but that's the "nutshell" version. 
But Lawrence, with his dying words, did leave us with an iconic slogan which the US Navy still uses: "Don't give up the ship!"

The engagement begins

the unhappy result

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