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23 JULY 2017: The day/night has finally come. We have written about the restoration of USS Constitution many times over the past two years while she has been undergoing a major refit in Dry Dock #1 in Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston. Tonight, about midnight, she will be floated out of the dock to return to her berth in the Navy Yard where she will have the "finishing touches" to her remarkable restoration completed. As I have mentioned before, the USS Constitution Museum has had, for the duration of the overhaul, a live camera on the 3rd floor showing a new image of the ship about every 20 minutes. Here is the view from midday today: 

As you can plainly see, Old Ironsides is looking new and ready to resume her role as America's Ship of State in Boston Harbor. 

The Museum released to U tube a day or so ago a video of the underwater hull of the ship which, after tonight, will (hopefully) not be seen again for 20 years!
Here's the link: 

Constitution in Dry Dock #1

When you view this video, you can see the shiny new copper sheathing, her new draft markings, and her still original keel. 

Should you wish to view the refloating tonight, the Museum will be live streaming on Facebook and will also be showing the view from the constitutioncam in the museum. It will likely be a great show! 

The address for the Constitutioncam is:  (you have to copy and paste that) and beginning at 1500 EDT today, the image will refresh every 5 minutes.

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