Friday, July 14, 2017


14 July 2017: USS Constitution will be completing her 26 month overhaul/restoration and returning to the waters of Boston Harbor in just under 10 days.
It was just over two years ago when the event depicted above took place and USS Constitution entered Dry Dock #1 in Charlestown Navy Yard to undergo her "every 20 year" overhaul.

Her copper sheathing which protected her hull from worms and destructive elements in the sea was removed and replaced - they are small (about 2' square) sheets which must be hammered onto the hull by hand - and she received new draft markings fore and aft.

Her guns and their carriages were lifted off, refurbished and new carriages built was necessary.

Her rig was overhauled by skilled artisans of the Naval History and Heritage Command Detachment Boston, replacing or restoring as indicated. 

In other words, the ship received a "keel to masthead" refurbishing that will serve her for the next twenty years, when she will again enter the dry dock and do it all again. And, with fresh paint on her topsides, she looks like new once again!

The dock will be flooded and the ship returned to her berth in the Charlestown Navy Yard after dark on 23 July. The USS Constitution Museum has a webcam mounted on the 3rd floor of the their building adjacent to the dry dock which has been showing a stream of pictures taken about 20 minutes apart of the entire process and will surely be showing the refloating process. The site is for the Museum and simple click on the "constitutioncam" link to view the images. If you find yourself in Boston on 23 July, be sure to stop by the Museum and see the ship, stay for the festivities, and witness a "once in a generation" event of Old Ironsides returning to the water. 

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