Saturday, May 14, 2016


14 May 2016: Done traveling for a while so here we are, once again, with what I hope is of interest! A while back, we posted a story about the folks in Canada discovering the wreck of HMS Erebus - or possibly the other ship, HMS Terror, in Sir John Franklin's expedition - which disappeared in the ice in 1845. They were searching for the northwest passage, which, sadly, they did not find. It has now been satisfactorily proven that it is indeed the Erebus and a dive team has made several videos about it, including the two here, which show the ship as she is now, i.e. under about 35 feet of water.

First, here is how the ship looked in better times:

And here is how she looks now, on a sonar display:
The following link will take you to video showing the ship underwater, provided by Parks Canada. I apologize for the commercial (in French none-the-less) but it goes with the video!
 The second video is here: (and is really cool!) Sorry! couldn't resist that one.
HMS Terror remains among the missing, but I think you might agree, this discovery is certainly amazing!
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