Monday, June 26, 2017


26 June 2017: A quick update: In a final race today in Bermuda, Team Emirates New Zealand put the final bullet into the American Oracle team with a a necessary last win to take the Cup to the Southern Hemisphere. The rules called for "first to 7 wins" and NZ went 7-1.... 

Now New Zealand will be in a position to change the race rules (within the bounds of the Deed of Gift). There is a possibility (some of us hope) that the next challenge will be in "real" boats - i.e. monohulls. While the "flying catamarans" were surely exciting to watch, it was not the America's Cup racing sailors have grown to love over the last 180 or so years! Further, it was somewhat dismaying to realize there was not one American sailor on Oracle - the American boat! How sad! 

In any case, Maritime Maunder offers a most sincere congratulations to Team Emirates New Zealand on a sensational victory! We will await with baited breath to see what happens next!

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                               Fair Winds,
                                   Old Salt

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