Thursday, April 20, 2017


20 April 2017:

Today’s post will be short as the wifi I have available is extremely limited….and the computer keeps dancing around; for clarification, I am in the Bay of Biscay on a typical day in that locale. The wind is about 50kts and the seas are running between 12 and 15 feet. Fortunately, we are in a vessel that handles the conditions well, though we are taking waves at the 10th deck level. The sun is shining which makes for some beautiful light and rainbows through the spray. 

We sailed through the very waters off Cape Trafalgar where Adm. Nelson defeated the Combined Fleet in 1805. 

dawn, just before entering the Bay of Biscay

spray on the 10th deck (above the bridge)

We recently visited the coast of Portugal and southern Spain including Portimao and Lisbon (Portugal) and Barcelona in Spain. A stop in Gibraltar gave us a good look at “the Rock” and the wonderful Barbary Apes which are not apes at all but Macaco Monkeys. What a busy harbor, a major refueling port for ships both entering and leaving the Med due to the very low price of fuel.  


The 17th century cannon guards a high point on Gibraltar - note the array of ships awaiting fuel or clearance on the coast. Interestingly, there are 4 HanJin ships which have been detained given the current situation with North Korea.

"Barbary Ape"

At Sagres on the coast of Portugal is what used to be called The End of the World; it still is, though clearly, everyone knows there is more out there beyond the Atlantic Ocean! 

Light (vis at 60 miles) at The End of The World

OK - I can't fight the elements any longer. That will do it for now and should the be more to share later, (and assuming a calmer environment!) I will offer some more hopefully interesting material. 

So, until next time,
                fair winds (and hopefully less than the 50kts we are currently enjoying!)
                                           Old Salt

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